Do you feel that your Development department is speaking a different language, even when you speak English? Inefficient processes: Your research and development process may be slowed by unnecessary steps or a lack of communication, resulting in delays and increased costs. Ineffective team culture: Your team may be experiencing communication difficulties or a lack of resources.

Risk Management

Did you have a project that doubled the duration or didn’t end at all, though the scope didn’t change? Are you discovering the problems when it’s too late? Lack of focus and direction: Your R&D team may be wasting time on projects that do not align with your business goals or do not have a clear path to success.


Did you get an “it’s impossible” reply from your development team? Gaps in technical expertise: Your team may lack the technical expertise required to tackle complex projects, resulting in missed opportunities for innovation and growth. Ineffective team culture: Your team may be experiencing communication difficulties or a lack of resources.

Understanding the Business

Are you getting obstacles and technical details instead of solutions? Our top notch R&D expert can assist you in developing a success strategy and optimizing your R&D process to deliver cost-effective solutions that drive business growth.

You're not alone!

Meet Alla Shapiro, the R&D manager with over a decade of experience leading successful R&D projects. She is eager to share her knowledge and take your R&D department to the next level. She can provide expert guidance and mentorship to ensure that your team has the technical expertise needed to innovate effectively. It all comes down to people! Alla recognizes the significance of cultivating a positive and motivated team culture. She can assist in identifying and removing communication barriers, as well as creating a collaborative work environment that fosters creativity and innovation.
Alla Shapiro - COO
Senior R&D Manager
Alla Shapiro

Key Features
and Services

Custom R&D solutions, on-site or offshore
Advance from startup to corporate
Convert technical ideas into profitable business plans
Minimize technical risks
Enhance processes and team performance
Foster effective inter-departmental communication
Plan and execute complex projects with diverse technologies
Overcome cultural differences in the work environment
Evaluate and set goals for managers
Implement automation in daily operations
Adopt a quality-first mindset
Mentor and support growth

Success Stories

20% reduction in HR costs with AI integration in a ticketing system
Refactoring and smooth replacement of payments and login systems
Expert service proposals, SLAs, and contract negotiation
Seamless migration of a live application with thousands of users


Ella Virda - VP IT playtika

"I have had the privilege of working with Alla for several years, and I am always impressed by her professional attitude and optimistic outlook. Alla is truly talented, and any company would be lucky to have her."

Ella Vidra VP IT Playtika
Gabriel Levy - VP R&D at comBtas Head of Application Infrastructure at Elbit Systems ltd

"Alla was both a client and colleague at Amdocs IT. I immediately recognized her clarity, focus, stability, and results-driven approach. She was responsible for many successful IT rollouts and easily solved complex problems. I highly recommend Alla as a trustworthy and professional manager."

Gabriel Levy Head of Application Infrastructure at Elbit Systems Ltd

We are devoted to producing outcomes

Our senior R&D managers have extensive experience and are dedicated to assisting clients in achieving their business objectives and driving innovation. We are convinced that our R&D senior management services will assist your company in remaining competitive. So, don’t wait for a fairy godmother to appear with a magic wand (they’re all booked up anyway). Contact Alla Shapiro today and let her work her R&D magic. With her industry best practices and value-driven approach, you’ll be saying “Yes, we can!” in no time.

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